Working with Truffle Dog Company

Thank you for your interest in contracting with Truffle Dog Company. Please help us get to know you by filling out the application below. After we receive your submission, we will contact you to discuss opportunities with TDC. We offer the following opportunities for subcontractors.

Commercial Native Truffle Harvesting

We are actively seeking qualified harvesting teams in a variety of locations for the fall and winter of 2014 & 2015. If you are interested in commercial harvesting as part of the Truffle Dog Company please contact us. We would love to discuss possible opportunities with you.




Land Surveys and Guided Forays

Reliable truffle dog teams are needed for conducting land surveys and guiding forays. If you are interested in working with landowners to evaluate their property for truffle production or guiding our guests on forays to gather dog found truffles, we would love to speak with you.



Instructional Services: Private Lessons and Instructional Truffle Dog Training Forays

Culinary species of truffles are found all over the world and we seek qualified instructors in many locations including the U.K, E.U., Oceania, Africa and North America. If you are currently interested in teaching truffle hunting, either in the wild or in cultivated settings, and/or teaching practical application skills in truffle producing locations, we would like to talk to you about opportunities in your area and how we may be able to work with you.



Advanced Instructional Services: Live Classes, Skills Clinics, Workshops, Presentations and Seminars

At Truffle Dog Company, our vision is to extend our unique educational model across the globe. Instructors contracted for Advanced Instructional Services will have the opportunity to help us grow and provide live instruction worldwide.


*We are also available to discuss how we may enhance your current training programs through educational lectures and workshops.