Fresh Oregon White Truffle (Tuber oregonese)- Smalls


Tuber oregonense, known as the Oregon Winter White Truffle, is native to the Pacific Northwest of North America, ranging from northern California into British Columbia and is commonly found in Douglas Fir forests. They are prized for their umami like and potent truffly or slightly garlic or diesel aroma.

This white truffle is prized for its intense aroma and is used sliced, shaved, or grated over pasta, risotto, vegetables or eggs and also used to infuse butter, oils, and meats.

Oregon winter white truffles are found from November through March.

Oregon White truffles range in size but are generally on the small side, ranging from the size of a pea to a golf ball. We do occasionally find ‘icon’ size Oregon white truffles in excess of 2 ounces (about 60 g +). If you are interested white truffles of this size, please contact us directly to be notified when they are found.

We recommend this product is consumed as soon as possible, within 1 week.

These truffles are all considered smaller size, but their size doesn’t impact their strong aromas!

All of our truffles are harvested to order, so please ideally allow a minimum of 3 days before you wish to receive them to allow our teams time to coordinate harvest in the field. More time is prefered. On occasion we will have truffles in stock, but it is not a guarantee. You will receive an email confirmation from us discussing the nature of your order.


*All of our truffles are harvested by dog & handler location teams


This product MUST be shipped overnight. Please select FLAT RATE ($35) for shipping or select “Local Pikc up” and we will invoice you seperately for shipping. Your order will not be finalized otherwise, and we’ll contact you for payment difference.

IF YOU EMAIL US seeking current pricing, please specify the amount you seek, any other details, and your shipping address.

Otherwise we will separately invoice for overnight shipping. Domestic Shipping via USPS is approximately $35 per shipment for anything under 8 ounces to most locations.  Please consult us for a quote if you’d like prior to purchase.  Wholesale and bulk pricing is available.

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