Truffle Dog Company Basic Membership


Truffle Dog Company Forum Membership

This option is open to all working truffle dog teams who want to participate in a community of like-minded individuals. This level of participation is free to those who currently work in the field harvesting truffles. Recreational and professional truffle hunters who use dogs to locate all truffles are welcome. Truffle dog teams in training are welcome to join this forum for a one time fee of $25

Members will have access to the general discussion forum where they can connect with other truffle dog teams, ask questions, provide feedback to others, contribute to research and interact with a network of truffle dog teams worldwide.

At Truffle Dog Company, we aim to build community within the truffle industry, connecting truffle enthusiasts across the globe. With membership to the TDC forum, you will have access to resources for

  • Selling your dog found truffles to Truffle Dog Company*
  • Recipes and cooking tips
  • Events and other training opportunities
  • Participation in research projects


*By registering for the Truffle Dog Company Forum, independent truffle hunters who harvest only with dogs and wanting to sell their truffles to Truffle Dog Company agree to the wholesale purchase price of fresh truffles at $20/oz. Purchase of truffles from independent truffle dog teams by TDC is at the discretion of TDC and subject to customer/ distribution demand and quality of the truffles.


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