Training Aid – Starter Kit


The Truffle Training Starter Kit provides you with the tools necessary to start training on your own at home! The kit consists of a Truffle Scent Solution of your choice (either the Pacific Northwest Truffle Solution or the European Truffle Solution), a clicker, a scent tin to contain your scented article, and a odor proof box to keep your scent button in to avoid contamination.

All Truffle Training Starter Kits are sent out with the Pacific Northwest Truffle Solution unless otherwise specified. If you would prefer to have the European Truffle Scent Solution please let us know upon check out.

*While not yet listed on the website (please bear with us while we revamp the entire site) we do have deluxe kits, and kits for Perigord & Burgundy Truffle available for an additional cost. Please email us and we can send you specifications for those kits which include additional scent buttons, odors, and more.


UPDATE: Please read our Shipping Policy if you have questions on delivery. It usually takes 2-3 days to process your order for shipping, but on occasion, it can take a long as 7-10 days. If you have concerns about shipping, please contact us directly.


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