Training Aid – Pecan Truffle Solution dropper – 15 ml


Our Pecan Truffle Training Solution is hand crafted in small batches using only this species, Tuber lyonii, sourced from Pecan farms in Georgia & Kentucky.

While culinary grade, these solutions are designed for training purposes, and as such you may not notice much perceivable aroma. Our Pecan Truffle Training Solution is considered a single variety solution, and should be used accordingly in your training program in addition to other scent sources.

The Pecan Truffle Training Solution comes in a 15 mL dropper bottle which makes transfer to scent articles easy. Only one or 2 drops are necessary. The training solution should be stored out of direct sunlight and extreme heat.

If you seek a training solution for another truffle species not part of this solution, such as Oregon spring white truffle (Tuber gibbosum), Oregon brown truffle (Kalapuya brunnea), or Hungarian Sweet Truffle (Mattirolomyces terfezioides), it may be possible for us to create one for you. Please contact us for more details or inquires.


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