SATURDAY JANUARY Truffle Hunting Foundations 1 (Seattle Area)


Group Truffle Dog Training Courses!

Instructor: Victoria Gideon, KPA-CTP, CPDT-KA, TAGteach


**Please read our COVID CLASS policy PRIOR to purchasing**

DATES LISTED ARE FOR Fall & and early Winter 2020/2021

Group Classes combine traditional face-to-face learning with online learning activities and videos to provide you with and reinforce, complement, and elaborate on one another.

This class covers our introduction material to get you started in truffle hunting, identifying the truffle odor, building solid truffle hunting foundations, and working on basic searches. This is our introductory class. No training is necessary.

If you have previous nosework or truffle experience, please contact us to see if this class or Foundations II may be right for you. In Foundations II, all dogs are expected to know truffle order before coming to class.

We are excited to offer this particular class in the Seattle area in a series of 3 classes starting in January. You will attend each class date. After this class, you will have the opportunity to continue training with Truffle Hunting Foundations II or via Private lessons, eventually leading to intermediate level and advanced classes that have you out in truffle producing locations.

Class Location for Foundations I 

Location: Kokoro Dog,  22609 102nd Ave SE, Woodinville, WA 98077


Orientation ZOOM CALL (Mandatory viewing prior to class- if you can’t attend in person to ask questions, we will send out a recording). This material will NOT be covered in person, and you are expected to know it prior to the first class. It includes housekeeping and safety items that are important prior to showing up for your first class. That way there is less talk your first day of class and more action!

Orientation: Saturday, Jan 2nd 10 am to 11 am (a link will be provided)


In-person class sessions:

Saturday, Jan 9th

MONDAY Jan 11 6:45pm- 7:15 pm (Fireside Chat!)

Saturday, Jan 16th

MONDAY Jan 18 6:45pm- 7:15 pm (Fireside Chat!)

Saturday, Jan 23rd

If you have a strong preference for a particular class section, please contact us and if we can, we will accommodate your request. There are a limited number of spots in each section. Class Sections options

9am – 10:00 am

10:15am -11:15am

11:30am -12:30pm


Please allow 60 min for each class. 



We will cover gear and materials, such as your training kits you’ll receive, during the ZOOM CALL. If you have it, please bring a long line (this is a 10ft+ long leash), non-flexi leash. We’ll cover gear like this in the Zoom call and it is necessary for Foundations II.

No Prong, slip, choke chains or E-collars allowed during classes.


Additional Items

**As part of the class you’ll be provided real truffles to use in training! We will teach you how to use all of these and how to store your truffles as well as a starter training kit.**

Online course materials and forums will reinforce the skills you learn in face-to-face classes in addition to teaching you about the science of truffles and scent detection, truffle habitat, truffle care and more.

We are excited for you to join us!

Fine Print:

*all dogs must be current on vaccinations. If you have any questions on if this class is right for you, please contact us directly, we are happy to chat.

*Due to Covid restrictions we can only allow 1 handler per dog at this time. No exceptions. If this is a problem for you, talk to us about scheduling Private lessons.

**If you have two working dogs in your household you’d like to work, please purchase two spots.

***If you have not taken a class with us previously or are unsure if you are ready for this class, please contact us directly or any of our instructors and we can chat with you if this is the correct option for you.

**** Please review our COVID & Weather Policy and Cancelation Policy prior to enrolling. By enrolling, you agree to these terms.

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Level 1: Introduction to Truffle Hunting (Foundations I & II)

Nosework is one of the hottest sports around and truffle hunting is a fun way to go a step further by applying those skills in the real world. This course is open to students and dogs of all levels (no previous dog training expertise is needed) and can provide a new challenge for nose work and tracking students – with edible dividends! Culinary varieties of truffles can be found all over the world, and it is possible they exist near you. Learn more about truffles by visiting our About Truffles page.

This class will introduce you and your dog to the exciting activity of truffle hunting. Truffle hunting can boost confidence, develop problem-solving skills, and provide controlled exercise and mental stimulation for your canine. Truffle dog training is also a great way to build focus and to improve your human-canine relationship. It is especially fun and rewarding for dogs and handlers recovering from injury or with limited mobility as well as shy and sensitive dogs to build confidence. Whether you are just looking for a new game to play with your dog or your goal is to locate native truffles in the wild or on orchards, this class will show you how to get started.

Level 2: Developing a Reliable Truffle Dog Team

Welcome back to the fun and exciting sport of Truffle Hunting!

Do you like truffles? These edible fungi are considered a delicacy in the culinary world. They can be found all over the world… maybe even near you! Take advantage of your dog’s amazing scent abilities and learn about recreational truffle hunting! This is a fun way to boost confidence, develop problem-solving skills, and provide controlled exercise and mental stimulation for your canine. Whether you are just looking for a new game to play with your dog or your goal is to locate native truffles in the wild or on orchards, this class will guide you in a fun adventure with your dog.

This class will focus on taking the knowledge and skills learned in Introduction to Truffle Hunting and turn that information into practical application in the field! You will introduce your dog to new elements and environments and learn skills that will aid in finding real truffles in the wild. This course is designed to move beyond foundation work and present real challenges that you will encounter when truffle hunting in the wild.

Level 3: Let’s Go Truffle Hunting: Practical Application and Sustainability

Get ready for a real truffle hunt! It’s no coincidence that we scheduled this course for fall because fall is the beginning of truffle season here in the Pacific Northwest and also in Europe. It’s time to get out there in the field!

This class will transition your truffle hunting skills into the forest to reliably scout out these culinary delights! You will learn to work in tandem with your dog to negotiate a variety of environmental factors when locating these underground treasures. We will guide you step-by-step to successfully transition you and your dog, as a team, to finding real truffles in the wild or on orchards. We will do this by introducing you and your dog to large and complex open area searches. We will then progress to buried hides in a forest or orchard, proofing for distraction, searching negative space, and solidifying alerts for precision in the field. The class also includes games and exercises to strengthen your bond with your canine and boost confidence.

Equipment needed:

Listed below are the tools and suggested equipment you will need (eventually!) to acquire to be able to take full advantage of the lessons taught during our courses. Some of these materials may be purchased directly from us. To view a full list of Training Aids currently available through Truffle Dog Company, visit our STORE.

  • Truffle scent solution
  • Real truffles (frozen or fresh)
  • Scent containers (scent buttons or scent tubes)
  • Scent boxes or hides
  • Cotton q-tips or cotton balls
  • High-value treats
  • Your dog’s favorite toy
  • Non-retractable leash
  • A Harness
  • Digging implements such as a garden trowel, spoon, or vanghetto