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At Truffle Dog Company we teach dogs to find truffles recreationally, but also work with orchard owners worldwide and train dogs for professional level of harvesting on plantation settings (these are specifically planted with European species of truffles). We work with Orchard owners and many folks in the industry. We also harvest and sell our native wild truffles commercially, providing an opportunity for some of our graduates to spend more time in the woods with their canine partner and leave the details of fulfilling orders to us.

Private lessons are available for students of all levels and will be conducted in the setting determined most appropriate for the team’s current skill level. We have access to several locations that are suitable for each stage of training. This allows us to take a scientific and formulaic approach to train at all stages from foundations to harvesting truffles in the forest.

The forest is an extremely complex environment and each dog responds differently to the variables present in the woods. We design training sessions so you and your dog can have success and a positive reinforcement history while working on precise behaviors, handler skills and your relationship as a working team.

Instructors for Truffle Dog Company focus on building confidence, experience, and teamwork. Our goal is to help you develop into a reliable truffle dog team. Dogs quickly learn the truffle scent and are often capable of locating a wild truffle in a short period of time. One wild truffle is great, but sustained truffle finding is even better! We take you to the next level by working with your dog’s natural abilities and tailoring situations to help them become consistent truffle dogs with a reliable and consistent history.

We currently have instructors in the Puget Sound area of Washington & Eastern Tennessee. If we don’t have an instructor available in your area, we may be able to refer you to a colleague nearby, such as in Oregon. We occasionally will hold workshops in other states, such as California, Oregon, and British Columbia- so keep your eyes peeled or contact us to be put on the waitlist for events or private training in those areas.

Specific time and location of lessons will be determined after purchase and based on the team’s current skill level.

Private Lessons can be a maximum of 2 handlers, two dogs total (with an Additional fee $25 for the second dog) and only one dog is worked at a time for maximum learning potential.

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$149/ hour. Advanced purchase required. You may select the number of hours you wish to purchase by using the “+/-” button below.

Please select your instructor’s location and indicate your availability for a lesson in the following form. An instructor will contact you within 3 business days to schedule your private lesson. If we are unable to coordinate an appointment time for you with one of our instructors, we will refund your payment in full.

*We understand that circumstances can arise preventing you from keeping your appointment. Please provide 48 hours advance notice for cancellations and rescheduling. No shows will not be refunded.

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