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Level 1: Introduction to Truffle Hunting (Truffières & Wild Hunting)

This product isn’t currently available. If you are interested in learning for hunting on a truffle Orchard or are looking for a DIY class to get started, please contact us directly and we can walk you through options and an online lesson to get you started.

LEVEL 1: Introduction to Truffle Hunting For Truffières & Wild Hunting

This LIVE ONLINE class will introduce you and your dog to the exciting activity of truffle hunting in preparation for searching on your own Truffière or Truffle Orchard. This class is also appropriate for folks interested in Wild Hunting in locations wherein you may not be able to attend a group class live, or wish to learn from a distance.  As always, our Instructors at TDC are available for private lessons which can be used in conjunction with these courses to supplement your learning. If you are interested in working your own dog on a truffière, and can have a lesson with one of our instructors at some point in training, we recommend that but know it is not always feasible- and that’s where this course and online format is here to help!

This class is designed and dedicated to teaching you how to train your dog for working on your own truffière (or in the wild). 

You DO NOT need to be present ONLINE at any specific time of day in order to participate in this course. Instructors will have designated hours each week when they will be available live for comment, but also will review video and answer questions in the forum quickly. This course is appropriate for teams starting truffle hunting in both the Northern & Southern Hemispheres.


In addition, truffle hunting can boost confidence, develop problem-solving skills and provide controlled exercise for your canine. Whether you are just looking for a new game to play with your dog or your goal is to locate native truffles in the wild or on your orchard, this class will show you how to get started. It will strengthen your relationship with your canine companion while you gain valuable skills that will transfer to other dog sports and activities you participate in.

 Students have access to all the class lessons as well as complete access to view the online forum and one-on-one interaction with the instructors via the forum for the duration of the course. Students can submit videos for instructors to comment on and critique in order to help in the learning process.  Student spots consist of one (1) handler and one (1) dog. 

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Level 1: Introduction to Truffle Hunting (Truffières & Wild Hunting)

Nosework is one of the hottest sports around and truffle hunting is a fun way to go a step further by applying those skills in the real world. This course is open to students and dogs of all levels. No prior dog training experience is necessary. This class will provide a new challenge for nosework and tracking students – with edible dividends! Culinary varieties of truffles can be found all over the world, and it is possible they exist near you. Learn more about truffles by visiting our About Truffles page.

This class will introduce you and your dog to the exciting activity of truffle hunting. Truffle hunting can boost confidence, develop problem-solving skills, and provide controlled exercise and mental stimulation for your canine. Truffle dog training is also a great way to build focus and to improve your human-canine relationship. It is especially fun and rewarding for dogs and handlers recovering from injury or with limited mobility as well as shy and sensitive dogs to build confidence. Whether you are just looking for a new game to play with your dog or your goal is to locate native truffles in the wild or on your orchard, this class will show you how to get started.

This class is the first course as part of a three course series.  Students with scent work experience who can meet the success criteria outlined in Introduction to Truffle Hunting may enter the class series at level 2: Developing A Reliable Truffle Dog Team. Proficiency must be demonstrated by submitting video evidence directly to the instructors prior to enrollment. Please contact us for detailed instructions if you are interested in this option or have questions.


Truffle Dog Training Series:

*Both series are available for Truffières & for Wild Hunting. Please let us know which course you would like when signing up as there is slightly different material in the later stages.

Level 1: Introduction to Truffle Hunting 

Level 2: Developing A Reliable Truffle Dog Team 

Level 3: Let’s Go Truffle Hunting: Practical Application 


When you register for a class, you will receive an email confirmation of your account at Truffle Dog Company. If you do not receive an email, please check your spam folder and add our email: to your safe sender list to ensure you receive important electronic communications regarding this course.

Following registration, you will have access to your first lesson as will be invited shortly thereafter to the forums specific to your chosen course. Course content is available by clicking on Introduction to Truffle Hunting under the My Classes menu.

GOLD Students will post questions, videos, and homework assignments for feedback in the online forum. This allows each team’s progress to remain organized and easily accessible. Please allow 48 hours from time of purchase for your topic to appear in the forum. We create forum topics manually. If you signed up as a GOLD Student and a topic titled with your name does not appear within 48 hours of purchase, please contact us.

Course Structure

The program commences with an introduction to basic groundwork for truffle scent training including games and exercises to strengthen your bond with your canine and boost confidence. It proceeds with a step-by-step guide to include how to create reliable alerts and strengthen searching behaviors.

Objective: By the end of the course most student’s dogs will be able to:

  • Identify the source scent of a truffle.
  • Locate a hidden truffle indoors with limited distractions.
  • Begin developing consistent alert behaviors.

Some dogs progress much faster than others and may be able to perform more complex behaviors by the end of this course.

Success Criteria:

  • When presented with more than one identical targets, the dog will correctly identify the one containing truffle scent with at least 80% accuracy.
  • When given a verbal cue, the dog will correctly locate a single hidden target indoors 4 out of 5 times without showing signs of frustration or stress.
  • When locating a truffle scent, the dog demonstrates an initial identifiable alert with 90% consistency.

Lesson Plan:

Week 1: Designing Sessions for Optimum Learning, Scent Imprinting/ Identifying the Correct Scent, Basic Indoor Box

Week 2: Shaping an Alert, How Scent Moves

Week 3: Teaching Reliable Alerts, Intermediate Indoor Box Hides

Week 4: Advanced indoor box hides

Week 5: Advanced Indoor Hides (without boxes)

Week 6: Multiple Hot Targets, Scent Discrimination

Each lesson will include written instructions and video demonstrations for exercises.

Homework assignments for GOLD Students will include weekly video submissions for feedback as well as to demonstrate proficiency in the skills presented in each lesson.









GOLD and SILVER students will have access to the discussion forum via Facebook. GOLD students may post questions and video for feedback from the instructors. SILVER students may view the discussion forum but will not post videos for comment from the instructors.