October Truffle Competition Workshop and Seminar 2023



Mossyrock, Wa

Plan 9 am to 4pm- Exact details to be sent out 1 week prior.

Mossyrock Horse & Rider’s Club
114 Ciannigan Hill Road, Silver Creek, WA

This workshop focuses on the skills and elements presented in US truffle competitions, specifically geared as a workshop to train and prepare for elements of the Joriad North American Truffle Championship held each year at the Oregon Truffle Festival. 

By purchasing a Workshop spot, you also receive attendance to our Truffle Competition Prep Seminar on Tuesday, October 3rd at 7pm Pacific. This event will also be recorded. Details below.

Workshop Day consists of Odor Recognition Practice & Test, Arena Buried Hides, as well as the Forest Trial experience for the top teams who qualify. All teams are welcome to view and observe the Forest Trial and use it as a learning experience, but only the top 9- 12 teams advance to the Forest Trial.

If your dog is not ready yet for the forest portion of the event, it is still a fabulous opportunity to learn, observe, ask questions, and prepare for the competition setting that will present at the Oregon Truffle Festival.

We strongly encourage you to attend the seminar online (included) if you plan to attend the workshop as not all material covered in the Online Seminar will be addressed at the in-person workshop. Please see more details and specifics about the events below.

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Included in this product:


Online Truffle Competition Prep Seminar Details

Tuesday, October 3rd, 7pm Pacific

*Zoom link to be provided after purchase

Elements covered in the included Online Seminar include (but are not limited to) the following:

Logistics of managing your dog at the event

Each stage set ups

Best practices and tactics day of event

Review of common mistakes and elements at the Joriad in a trial setting with video review

Airflow mechanics in the arena

Distractions and environment

Overarousal and management techniques in this setting

Developing a strategy for your team, and more!

In addition, when purchasing this Workshop & Seminar you receive recordings of the online portions of the presentation and additional support resources in an interactive format.

If you are familiar with our online classrooms, this format will be familiar to you. If you have not taken a class with us in the past year, this platform may be new to you, but as part of this workshop & seminar you will receive access to additional resources including but not limited to recordings from previous Joriad competitions, tips & training suggestions for the competition, additional support materials and videos, as well as early access to sign up to our “Truffle Fun-Runs” which will be held throughout the late fall and into early winter. These “Truffle Fun Runs” are another opportunity to practice skills in preparation for the Joriad geared specifically at mastering the elements at the Joriad in a trial setting, in a more informal format.


Workshop Details

October 7th, 2023 – Saturday

Plan 9 am to 4pm- Exact details to be sent out 1 week prior.

Mossyrock Horse & Rider’s Club 114 Ciannigan Hill Road, Silver Creek, WA

*Specifics to be released in the coming weeks.

Elements covered AT the In-Person Workshop on OCT 7th, 2023 include (but are not limited to):

Material covered in the Online Seminar (see above)

Odor Recognition Test in a trial setting

Mock Trial of the indoor arena test with hidden truffles, for all working teams

Mock Forest Trial experience setting for qualifying* teams, run in rounds

Debriefing after each event

*A qualifying team for the Forest Trial is defined as the top (time) qualifiers up to 9-12 teams (determined day of the event). In the Joriad, only the top 4-5 teams progress to the forest.



Prior to attending as a working team, you must submit proof of vaccinations/ titers for your dog to info@truffledogcompany.com as well as sign our liability waivers. A working team is defined as 1 dog, 1 handler. If there are additional human members of your party, they must purchase an Audit spot in order to attend. If you’d like to work more than 1 dog, you must purchase an additional working spot.

Each individual attending must have a liability waiver on file, signed. Failure to provide this information prior to Workshop day will result in you not being allowed to participate.

Please note for all exercises at this workshop we will be following the rules outlined for previous Joriad Championship competitions. Rules will be provided in your additional materials. That means one handler per dog will be allowed in the arena handling the dog. If there are more members of your team present, they must purchase an auditing spot.

Please bring whatever you deem necessary to keep you & your dog(s) happy for the duration of the event. This includes a sack lunch, water, snacks, and perhaps a chair. As mentioned we request that if not working, your dog is kenneled or confined in your vehicle. We aim to approximate the trial setting and mimic various environments you will be exposed to at the actual event.

The event is held primarily outdoors in exposed conditions, so that means sturdy shoes, weather weather-appropriate clothing. This is October, but the weather can be cool and variable.

If your dog makes it to the Forest portion of the event, there is some hiking/ walking involved to access the forest area.

Dogs in heat may attend (they are barred from competition at the official Joriad), HOWEVER, these dogs will run last, at Instructor permission and with prior approval (we must know in advance), and must wear breaches and be confined when not actively working. They will not be allowed in the mock forest trial setting.

Per Joriad rules, all dogs compete on a long line. We will cover items necessary to have for the workshop at the Online Seminar, but expect your dog to be on a leash at all times during the mock trial settings and to be confined in a crate or your vehicle when not working.

**PLEASE SELECT LOCAL PICK UP at CHECKOUT to avoid Shipping fees*



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