Joel Palmer House Oregon White Truffle Oil – 5 oz


From Jack Czarnecki’s Joel Palmer House in Dayton, Oregon, this White Truffle Oil is made from fresh Oregon White Truffles (Tuber oregonense) and olive oil. It is one of the only white truffle oils on the market made with real truffles, and better yet, made with Oregon White Truffles.

Hand crafted in small batches, this truffle oil contains no synthetic chemicals of any kind. It will enhance your personal larder with a unique culinary experience.

Please note that Oregon white truffle oil, on first whiff, may not be pleasant to all (and some may smell nothing!), but it is formulated to taste amazing, and like a fine wine, with a little aeration and addition to food it will showcase the complex aromas of our native white Oregon truffles. It will have aromas of garlic and onion and of course, white truffle.

Oregon White Truffle Oil is a finishing oil and used to enhance the flavor of dishes at the end of preparation. Some suggestions for uses include: On pasta, in a cream sauce, over pizza, over popcorn (One of our favorites!), on cured meats, or in mashed potatoes. The possibilities are endless!

Please store your Joel Palmer House Oregon White Truffle Oil out of direct sunlight or extreme heat. Ideally refrigerated after opening. If refrigerated, your oil may solidify but will return to liquid at room temperature quickly.



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