Frozen Pecan Truffles- (Tuber lyonii) -1 oz


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Tuber lyonii, known as the Pecan truffle, is native to North America and is most commonly found in the southern United States in association with Pecan orchards although it also is found in native forests from Florida north into Quebec, Canada and west to the Rocky Mountains. They are prized for their unique slightly musty, nutty aroma. This white truffle has a thin buff colored skin, and can be slightly knobby with a marbled toffee to dark coffee colored interior when ripe. They are used primarily as aroma and flavor accents in pasta dishes as well as in creole cuisine with a slightly umami flavor. Pecan truffles can be found almost all year round in the wild, but the main season runs mid to late summer through fall. Pecan truffles range in size but are generally on the modest side, often being 1/10 to 1/4 of on ounce (about 3g to 10g) per truffle. This product should remain frozen until just prior to use. *All of our truffles are harvested by dog & handler location teams