Field Day, Sunday January 21st (WASHINGTON)


Sunday January 21st, 2018

Arlington, WA


Welcome to Field Days. This is where we get you out into a truffle-producing site ideal for educational purposes. You’ll get your hand at finding real truffles, seeing different habitat, sampling truffle bites, and spending the day learning about truffles with your dog.

You will have the opportunity to work on skills that will successfully transition your team from controlled training scenarios to real truffle hunting in the wild!

The forest is an extremely complex environment and each dog responds differently to the variables present in the woods. We design training sessions so you and your dog can have success and a positive reinforcement history while working on precise behaviors, handler skills and your relationship as a working team.

Instructors for Truffle Dog Company focus on building confidence, experience and teamwork, gradually. Our goal is to help you develop into a reliable truffle dog team. Dogs quickly learn the truffle scent and are often capable of locating a wild truffle in a short period of time. One wild truffle is great, but sustained truffle finding is even better! We take you to the next level in training by working with your dog’s natural abilities and tailoring situations to help them become consistent truffle dogs with a reliable and consistent history.

Only one dog is worked at a time in an area for maximum learning potential during the training portion.  Each working team will receive individual instruction. 2 Handlers from the same family unit are allowed per dog. If you have more friends or family that you would like to attend, they may attend as an auditor. Auditors will not work dogs at this training and should make arrangements to leave their dogs at home to minimize distractions for Working Teams.  Working Teams will be assigned a lesson time and have the option to audit the remaining field lessons while their dogs rests in the car.

Guests provide their own transportation and bring proper attire and food/ water. More details about the specific location & conditions will be provided slightly closer to the date, along with any instructions. Do know that most field days are held on private property.

Each Working Team will get to keep the truffles they find.** *If you are locating large amounts of truffles, depending on conditions, we may ask you to stop hunting after a period of time, or direct you to work in a certain area, in order to leave truffles for others students!

Field Day locations are be determined based on current truffle production.

Advanced purchase required.

If you have not participated in a Truffle Dog Company Training series, prior approval is required to attend some field days, so please contact us if you have questions about attending. 

Limited Spots Available.

*Field Training Days, once scheduled, are nonrefundable.  We understand that circumstances can arise preventing you from keeping your appointment.   One (1) week advance notice is required for cancellation and credit will be issued.  No shows will not be refunded or credited.

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