Webinar Series: Pecan Truffles with Dr. Tim Brenneman


A recording of our Evening with Dr. Tim Brenneman access via our Online Educational Platform with additional educational resources.


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In March 2022 we were delighted to present an evening with Dr. Tim Brenneman, University of Georgia Plant Pathologist and a leading scientist on Pecan Truffles!

The pecan truffle, Tuber lyonii is native to the United States and is found in the wild as well as is cultivated for production. Dr. Brenneman will be presenting on a special ZOOM call about all things Pecan Truffle!

You can now purchase a copy of the webinar.

If you truffle hunt (or are curious about it) in the Midwest, North East, South East, or East coast, this is great information about Pecan truffles, habitat, and more!

You will be provided a link to access the webinar and additional resources via our online educational platform after purchase.

About Dr. Brenneman

Dr. Brenneman discovered pecan truffles (Tuber lyonii) in Georgia in the late 1980s.  He and his collaborators are working toward developing a method for inoculating pecan trees with the fungus in order to produce truffles consistently. Actively involved in the Pecan Growers Associations in the US, Dr. Brenneman is a leading scientist and researcher on Pecan truffles as well!

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