ATC Truffle Dog Boot Camp AUDIT, Rossi Ranch Jan 2023


Truffle Hunting Dog Workshop/ Bootcamp at Rossi Ranch AUDIT Spot

Join us for the Truffle Hunting Workshop with American Truffle Company Client Partners at Rossi Ranch in Kenwood, Ca. The workshop runs Wed, Jan 10th through Friday Jan 12th. This is a 3-day workshop.

Only ATC teams will be on the property for this event. 

This is for an AUDIT spot for ALL 3 days. If you can only come to some of the events, please let us know which days and we can create an adjusted schedule for you and price. Purchase of the Audit spot is good for you and one other member of your family/ farm team. If you would like to have more than 2 of you attend the event, please contact Robert/Peta and I.

Please read the DESCRIPTION BELOW of the event.

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Wed, Jan 10th

Welcome, All

  • Advanced teams will work on Perigord in the morning while cool(er)– in individual time slots (approx 1-1.5 hr). Advanced teams are done after their sessions.
  • Beginning level teams arrive mid-day to start foundation work and exercises as well as general Handler Prep. (approx. 2-3 hrs overall).

Thursday, Jan 11thh

  • Beginning-level dogs arrive mid-morning and do foundation work (by farmhouse)
  •  Advanced Teams arrive morning on Perigord Farm in Angwin — in individual time slots (approx 1 hr).
  • Break/ lunch at Rossi Ranch (all teams). Advanced teams can drop off dogs at home if desired.
  • The afternoon spent in the Orchard @ Rossi Ranch- Human location skills, practical harvesting, digging it out, how to know your dog has actually found it, how to approach searches (2 hrs)- identifying odor vs interest, other skills, See advanced dogs, etc.
  • Done- Doggy Playtime (done by 4pm)
  • Happy Hour at Rossi Ranch with all ATC farms with Robert & Paul around 4:30/ 5 (exact details to be sent out closer to date).

Friday, Jan 12th

  • Beginning teams work with Victoria up by House (or suitable location)
  • Advanced teams with Aiko & different scenarios approx 1 hr each team (Rossi Ranch)
  • Done by mid-day

Saturday, Jan 13th

  • Possible visit to Lutz Orchard Angwin if truffles are present
    • The optional ability for individual lessons at all stages (please message us if you’d like this)
    • Availability for lessons on your orchard both Saturday & Sunday and Monday if Local to Napa
Fine Print
$745 per Farm. A Team or “Farm” is considered a family unit of 2 people (ex: husband and wife, partners, sisters, two handlers, or manager/ handler from the same farm, etc)- if you have questions please ask us we can clarify. We need the names of everyone attending.
Rossi Ranch is located in Kenwood, Ca. The exact location and directions will be provided closer to the event. 
 In order to participate in this event, you will also need to sign our liability waiver.
Let us know if you have any food allergies or dietary concerns and we’ll do our best to accommodate, but please let us know what those might be.