ADVANCED Field Class Spring 2024


Advanced Truffle Dog Training Courses!

Instructor: Alana McGee, CPDT-KA

Class sizes are limited. The Advanced class series consists of 4 sessions total (including a “hunt with me” wherein you’ll see what it’s like with experienced dogs hunting with the instructor’s dogs and members of the team).

Each dog works individually in class- one at a time. If your dog is reactive, please message us at time of enrollment, or sign up for private lessons.

This class covers our Advanced material getting you out in the field and experiencing more complex environments and fine-tuning skills needed to excel at truffle hunting in the wild, seeing and visiting actual truffle-producing locations so you can learn more about habitat. 

This is an advanced-level- fieldwork level class that constsist of 3 different field “classes” and one day where you’ll hunt with us- likely combined on a date you attend class. If you have not taken classes or lessons with us previously, instructor approval is required and/or a mandatory evaluation of your team before enrolling.

After the series, you will have the opportunity to continue private lessons in the field or attend field days/ Beyond Advanced Guided sessions in truffle-producing locations.

Location: Locations will vary. Travel is required in and around the Seattle- metro area. If you have concerns about timing/ or distance to locations/ please contact us about setting up a Private Field Lesson. Most locations in Spring are located NORTH of Seattle, however we may visit alternate locations to the East.

We are committed to helping you, our students, have a safe and successful time out truffle hunting in the woods.

During this class you’ll learn about habitat, how to find truffles, fine-tune your truffle hunting and handling skills, improve communication with your dog, practice precision alerting, troubleshooting actual situations that come up in the field, and practice finding truffles in real truffle patches.

This class consists of 3 separate lessons with your dog and Fireside Chats for our advanced and alumni group and one lesson in the field with Instructors’ dogs.   This is your chance to see how experienced teams operate in the field. We’ll teach you about the forest, truffles themselves, what happens when your dog finds a truffle, and much more. It’ll be a lot of fun.

There are a max 3-4 teams per class, and each dog works individually, but each class session will last 1 to 1.5 hrs.

Generally, class time starts in the morning (9 or 10 am).



*At time of sign up please state which 3 dates (or 4 if you’re flexible) you’d like to attend. Any dates not scheduled this season will be rolled over into the first outings next season.








May dates based on weather and season progress.


Please allow at least 1.5 hrs for each in-person class. 

**As part of the class you’ll be provided real truffles to use in training! We will teach you how to use all of these and how to store your truffles and more.

Classes will teach you the skills you need to further build your relationship and teamwork with your dog and hone skills that are critical to successfully truffle hunting in the wild. 

Online forums and Zoom fireside chats will reinforce the skills you learn in face-to-face classes in addition to teaching you about the science of truffles and scent detection, truffle habitat, truffle care and more. Links for Zoom and class resources will be provided after registration.

We are excited for you to join us!

Fine Print:

*all dogs must be current on vaccinations. If you have any questions on if this class is right for you, please contact us directly, we are happy to chat.

*This class can be appropriate for reactive dogs- but please let us know during registration.

*If your dog will be in heat- please advise us BEFORE coming out into the field.

*If you have not taken a class with us previously or are unsure if you are ready for this class, please contact us directly or any of our instructors and we can chat with you if this is the correct option for you. To enroll in this class you must have instructor approval.

*Please read our Covid and Cancelation/ Weather Policy



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