Hybrid Classes, Events & Workshops

MORE NEW CLASSES ON THE WAY SOON for the Winter/ Spring 2021 Season! Stay Tuned.

Learn to train your dog to truffle hunt and enjoy the adventure of hunting truffles with your dog! Our Hybrid Truffle Hunting classes combine live instruction AND an online course and discussion forum to enhance your learning activities.

Class structure and dates will vary, so pay attention to the dates listed. We teach Intro to Truffle Hunting which includes Foundations I and Foundations II (the basics of how to truffle hunt with your dog- no training experience necessary), Intermediate Truffle Hunting Classes to further your skills, and Advanced truffle Hunting Classes that have you out searching in actual truffle patches. Classes are small and only one dog is worked at a time. The online materials are designed to supplement your learning when outside of the classroom.

Events and Workshops, listed here, will vary in nature and duration.