Lois Martin

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Lois Martin

KPA-CTP Truffle Dog Company Team Member: Instructor, Public Relations Ambassador Owner/ Operator at Atomic Dog Training


As a business analyst & truffle dog trainer, Lois Martin embraces the new work model for life/work success blending her professional skills and training with a love of the outdoors and dogs.

After 23 years in the corporate environment, she took a sabbatical from the corporate world and became a certified training partner of the Karen Pryor Academy, which uses science-based, positive training methods. She also established her own dog-training business, Atomic Dog Training located in east Tennessee.

In 2013, Lois returned to the corporate world as a business analyst. She continued to focus exclusively on training dogs for truffle hunting as a part-time endeavor. An avid hiker and cyclist, truffle hunting is a perfect blend of Lois?s professional dog-training skills and passion for the outdoors. Her combined experience allows her to:

  • smoothly deliver instructions in a courteous, professional manner, with a little splash of humor
  • clearly demonstrate simple, positive training techniques
  • survey land efficiently and safely over a variety of terrain

Lois and her husband share their lives with 2 dogs ? an all-American and a Lagotto Romagnolo. Both dogs are trained on several species of truffles and are extremely fit foraging partners. In the truffle off-season, Lois is actively pursuing the sport of tracking with both dogs.

As new orchards begin to mature in the southeast, Lois?s goal is to assist owners of young orchards with land surveys and harvesting services. She is committed to educating new owners about the Truffle Dog Company training program through educational presentations and assisting with training for professional and recreational truffle dog teams.

Lois is currently available for bookings while we set up her online booking page. To schedule a Private Lesson or with Lois, please complete the contact form below. We will contact you within 2 business days to assist you in scheduling. Lois and her dogs are also available for public education and promotional events.

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