Karen Drummond

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Karen Drummond and her Truffle dog, Ollie

Karen Drummond

Truffle Dog Company Team Member: Instructor Owner/ Operator at Learning About Dogs


Like its Australian neighbor, Kiwi grown truffles are gaining acclaim around the world. Part of the success of the truffle industry in New Zealand is thanks to the capable and well trained truffle dog handlers and their dogs. One of which is Karen Drummond.

Karen has been involved with dogs and training for 15+ years. She facilitates and organizes the world’s leading lecturers on scent work, canine behavior, and new training techniques to come to the North Island to speak and teach, so others can benefit from the experts as well.

Karen began offering Truffle Dog Services in 2011, and is active in shaping the truffle industry in New Zealand. Karen has found new passion and love in truffle hunting. She enjoys training truffiere owners in New Zealand to hunt with their dogs and shares in their excitement as each and every truffle is pulled out of the ground.

Karen is a reward based trainer with a holistic approach to training focusing on operant conditioning and building a dog’s confidence to create a scenario with a successful outcome.

Karen is currently available for bookings. To schedule a Private Lesson with Karen, please complete the contact form below. We will contact you within 2 business days to assist you in scheduling.

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