Is a consultation right for me?

Below are examples of different productive truffle habitats from around the Pacific Northwest.

If you have areas on your property that resemble one or all of these photos, a consultation may be right for you. Please note that just because you have property that resembles these photos, that alone is not indication of truffles on your property.

If you also have noticed increased animal activity on your property in these areas during certain times of the year that can also be an indication of the presence of hypogeous fungi. Please note that just because you have rodent activity in areas similar those pictured does not mean you have commercial species of truffles on your property, but it may indicate that a consultation is right for you.

Currently we offer surveys in the Pacific Northwest of the United states, and the photos below reflect that. We may have survey teams in other areas of the world capable of checking your property, but geography, host trees and the environment will differ, so please inquire about our Global Connections Consulting service.

Are you looking for someone to come speak to your mycological society or group about truffles, truffle orchards or truffle hunting? Let us know and we’ll see how we can help.

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