Truffle Gear List


This page is being updated. If you have a suggestion or something you’d like to see recommended, please drop us a note and we’ll add it.

If you have questions on sizing, please ask and we can hopefully get you a comparison.

*please note that you certainly do not need all of the items below, nor do they all need to be purchased/ gathered at one time, nor are they the only options out there.  Below you will find our recommendations on products we ourselves or our teams (instructors, harvesters, handlers, other students) have used, and like.


Long Lines

We recommend: North Range Dogs (picture is of Cricket the border Collie, by North Range Dogs)

Made lovingly by former Canadian Truffle Hunting Student, Shannon, in Alberta. Lots of great products- we absolutely love all of the designs- and fabulously bright colors for the woods. For everyday use- we are also big fans of their other leashes.

Roam Leash is what you’re looking for specifically for the long line



Palomine Lines Oregon based company, they make tracking lines of various lengths & specifications.

*Please note that many of the lines we use have NO handles as we allow the dogs to drag it. Our motto is- if it has a handle- you need to be holding it.

We also recommend BRIGHT colors, but NOT green for forest work. Suggested colors: Orange, Pink,  Yellow.

The standard line we’ve use in class is 12′ to 15′, no handle line 3/4 inch thick- available from both places- NRD colors are a bit more vibrant.

Here is an example of a Tracking line that would also work from Amazon



Recommendations: We use the K9 Julius Power harness (seen left) Size 0 fits average female Lagotto/ Brittany type dog, and also a Large Male Lagotto/ Medium Australian Shepherd Sized dog.

Size 2 fits a LARGE 90 lbs lab types.

Other harnesses we recommend include:

Comfort Flex

Ruffwear Front Range Harness

Hurrta Active Harness (similar to Ruffwear Front Range)


Jackets / Protective Wear

Not necessary for all dogs, we find our medium and smaller dogs, and those with curly coats enjoy and benefit from having a protective layer between them and the elements & obstacles (be it wet sword ferns or grass seeds in summer). Jackets, like harnesses, also add another layer of distinction and signaling to your dog about the task/ game they will be participating in.

We recommend:


Ruffwear Cloudchaser (For the last 2 years they made it in Orange, see if you can find it! Seen in Green & Black to the left)

After truffle hunting for some dogs, it’s great to switch jackets or dry them off, they can get pretty wet if you’re truffle hunting in the wild of the PNW

Aussie Naturals horse style Dog blanket (available at All the Best Pet Care)- and many other styles like this. Ruffwear and Hurrta also have excellent options.

Ruffwear Quinzee


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