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    Alana McGee

    Hello Full Students!

    This is your “Homework” forum where you will find your own individual thread for posting questions and video homework. Everything that happens during this class will go there.

    When you do homework, you’ll upload your videos to your thread. You will ask questions about your videos there as well, and you may choose to put generic questions about your dog in your forum thread. At the end of class, this will give you one long thread with all of your submissions and our replies.

    Please Read!

    Each Full Student may be progressing at different paces. As your weekly homework, please post up to two (2) videos per week of up to three (3) minutes each. Please limit videos to 3 minutes or less and edit your videos to include important footage. Remember to limit your video submissions to 2 per week. Post your most recent video. Show us where you are in the training process and share how your team is progressing. All Full Students should be posting up to two videos per week. When posting, please identify which lesson you are currently working on

    When you post in your thread, do not post again in your thread until we have responded. It’s very confusing for us and the other students if you post a video and then an hour later you post comments or questions. It makes it very hard to correlate our comments to yours. Instead, just be patient or edit your original post to include your new comments.

    When posting text with your video, ask yourself if it’s helpful information. When a student post paragraphs of extraneous materials that are not relevant to the lesson, it tends to obscure what we really do need to read. So….before posting five extra paragraphs of information to go with your video, ask yourself we will need that information to accurately assess the video. Otherwise, leave it out. If you have specific questions, try to group them together at the end so that we are most likely to see them.

    Do not post multiple videos until we have responded to the first one. If you do, we will delete the second video, respond to the first, and then ask you to reload the second video. We do not do this to be hard. We do this to make the class as clear and easy to follow as possible for all of the students. Believe us, you will thank me for this when class is over:).

    Please do not post on other Full Student’s threads. If you have questions, please ask them in your forum thread. If you have comments for other students (positive we assume!) you can put them in the +R thread in the Discussion Forum.

    Finally, keep your videos short (less than three minutes), targeted (what exactly do you want us to see and comment on?), up to two per week (unless we specifically ask for more), and named with the week and the video submission number. for example, your video might be called “Week1, Video2” If for some reason you choose not to do a specific activity then that’s fine but that doesn’t mean post five videos the next week – up to two (2) per week of up to three (3) minutes each.

    After you look at a lecture or skill assignment, we suggest that you practice for a couple of days before sending it to us, but that is your choice. If you are struggling right off the bat, by all means send it in so we can help you!

    We look forward to getting to know each of you very well over the next six weeks. Class begins on June 1st but you can begin to introduce yourself as soon as you are ready.  Alana and Kristin will begin commenting June 1st.


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