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    Alana McGee

    (question transferred from a previous forum group)

    Truffle Dogs Group Member asked:

    “We live in central Texas with three Lagottos, and are “foodies” and nature lovers in addition to being dog lovers, so we’re very interested in learning more about what we could do locally. We’ve heard there are pecan truffles down here. We also spend time in southwest Montana so would be interested in exploring that area as well.”

    Alana McGee

    “Hi Rebecca. There definitely are Pecan truffles in Texas! On pecan orchards and in the wild on oak. We have a network of folks down there who may eventually want folks to help them come harvest with dogs, if you’re interested in that.

    As for Montana: I have strong suspicion you can find L. carthusianum, but no one has looked, to my knowledge. We found Oregon Black Truffles (L. carthusianum) east of the Cascades in areas very similar to parts of SW montana, on Douglas Fir this year. So you never know. If you want more details on this, please msg or email me.

    There are other culinary ones of course too, but again, most people just don’t look for them outside of specific areas like PNW, or the south for Pecan truffles.

    If you do end up finding anything- we would love to know and add any species or finds (if you’re willing) to the global database “

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