FE520 Summer & Burgundy Truffles

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    Alana McGee
    We moved this post from a our previous class (FE510) as there are a number of your either in Europe hunting this species or planning to work on orchards growing this species. Please also feel free to ask questions about this truffle species in this thread as well.If you will be hunting for Summer/Burgundy truffles (Tuber aestivum/uncinatum) this is what your fresh samples you use for odor should like on the interior.

    They should be firm, not squishy, clean, ideally not riddled with worm/bug holes, and as free from the white fuzz (another fungus) as possible. The interior should show a nice marbling, and not be translucent but be taupe like this to a deeper browny-red hue. If the interior pattern looks different than this (aka all veins kind of radiate out from one point) you have a Bagnoli truffle or Tuber mesentericum. Also tasty, and ok, but they often get thrown into lots of Summer/Burgundy truffles and sold as such, so FYI. They are a different species.

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