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    Alana McGee

    (question transferred from a previous forum group)

    Truffle Dogs Group Member asked:

    “Hi! I live in Massachusetts, do we have truffles here too, or are they only in the Northwest?”

    Alana McGee:

    “In Massachusetts you have a plethora of pecan truffles (Tuber lyonii), it’s just many people don’t know where to, And don’t look for them. There are other culinary varieties as well but the density is not well understood. Something we are working on.

    Pecan truffles also have a commercial market which is growing rapidly as chefs begin to figure out how to use them, And now that they are being harvested by dogs instead of raking, chefs are learning about their quality as well.

    And while they are called ‘pecan truffles’ for a reason–they associate with pecan trees in the south– they also exist in many native forests in association other tree species.”

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