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    Alana McGee

    Welcome back to training!  Let’s get started with some administrative tasks.  Please submit the following (either here on via email to

    • Your picture and bio (see this example of how your contact page will appear)
    • The location of your classes.  If you will be teaching in more than one location, please specify.  Each location requires it’s own product page.
    • Your schedule of classes to open up for registration.  This should include two -three level 1 classes, one level 2 class, and one level 3 class.  Students like to see that they will be able to complete the entire series.

    Additionally, start scheduling a time with your volunteer in the next few weeks.  Your next assignments will be to teach a short lesson from Introduction to Truffle Hunting to your volunteer.  You will submit video of the lesson.


    Hi: Questions already:

    Schedule of classes….I don’t have dates set yet.
    Do you recommend a schedule program?
    Do students register through your site, or through me?

    Volunteer video. How long should this video be?




    I have a bio on our dog training website which is a not for profit and will amended for my new website (which will be a private business) to include my training here and make it a little shorter I think. Will post a photo when I find one suitable!

    Gwen Matear MCIPD has trained dogs and their owners for over 20 years, both in class situations and on a one-to-one basis. Gwen’s current dogs are all spaniels but she has owned a number of breeds and cross-breeds to date. She has trained her own dogs for Working Trials, Lowland Search and Rescue and general obedience and one of her spaniels has worked as a Therapet. Gwen is educated to Masters level in Training and Development with a Post Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching and is currently studying for a Foundation Degree in Canine Behaviour. Gwen is a full member of the Institute of Modern Dog Behaviour and the Pet Professional Guild.

    Gwen has previously undertaken a wide range of canine related courses including clicker training, homeopathy, nutrition, TTouch and first aid. She has attended seminars with a number of world leaders in canine behaviour including Roger Abrantes, Ray Coppinger, Sarah Whitehead, and John Rogerson. She has also attended a number of workshops at Dogs Trust.

    Gwen is very active in rescue and is a founding member of a Scottish Breed Rescue and helps other rescues in Scotland and beyond wherever possible. She is also Chairperson of Scottish Working Trials Society and the Kennel Club Liaison Representative for SWTS and was the first Assessor in Scotland for the UK Tracking Dog Association. Gwen is also a Company Director of Paws for Progress and a Committee Member for the Pet Professional Guild.

    Gwen is fully vetted under Disclosure Scotland – PVG Scheme

    In terms of sessions I would like to start int he Spring so we go through Spring Summer with the option of being outside in the evenings.

    So likely March/ April for Level 1 May/June for Level 2 [July is holiday season here] August/Septmebr for Level 3 – would that work?

    Got my volunteer ready

    Alana McGee

    Hi Bev.
    We posted this assignment early in the session so you can get it all organized. You will want to have a schedule set before the session ends. If starting in Jan/ Feb, we need to get the class listed on the website with plenty of time for folks to plan ahead.
    Registration goes through the TDC website.
    Can you explain what you mean by a “schedule program”?
    Your volunteer video will be edited to cut out unnecessary footage. You will get more information on this in your next assignment.

    Alana McGee

    Hi Gwen.
    This is great! Thank you. I will begin creating your profile page. I think your schedule will work well and fits the seasons nicely. Send along actual dates when you have them please.



    I meant on line booking program. But, that is not an issue now. Since it goes through your site.
    I just want to check in with some of my clients on what evening would work for them. Tentatively thinking a Thursday evening for the one hour class. Is that in line with what you want?


    Bev Maahs KPACTP

    Bev has been teaching dog owners on Vancouver Island, BC for 5 years. A graduate of the Karen Pryor Academy in 2011 with Distinction, she has taught private, and group classes since then. Bev owns Chemainus Dog Training, teaching private lessons, in pet dog manners, behavior modification, and scent detection.

    Education is on going including attending ClickerExpo for 4 years, attending many seminars and workshops of positive reinforcement trainers and applying them to her own teaching.

    I enjoy teaching dog teams, seeing the owners bond and develop relationships with their dogs. Scent detection, has definitely strengthened my relationship with my own dog and when we work as a team we are both happy.

    I will be teaching group classes Level one in scent detection in January 2016, at
    (tentative) Lucky Dog U-Bath is located in 
Duncan BC, Canada
B-1059 Canada Ave
    Dates and times to be determined:
    Level 2, and 3 will be at various outdoor venues:

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