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    Alana McGee

    (question transferred from a previous forum group)

    Truffle Dogs Group Member asked:

    “Alana you mentioned Pecan truffles in the Northeast…do you know what other species of trees native to New England might have truffles as well???”

    Alana McGee:

    ” Well- Big topic:

    There are other edible culinary species of truffles where you are too. Many.

    Pecan truffles (Tuber lyonii) grow most often with Pecan trees in the South – but by you, mostly with Oak species.

    Some of the other tasty and edible truffles species- (many have regional or not common names, so I use just their latin name) such as Melanogaster tuberformis and Imaia giganea/ Terfezia gignatea are associated Pine, Fir, Beech, Birch, hemlock, Oak…

    That particular melanogaster I mentioned some people love and mix it with butter- I will post a photo in a minute (in the photo section)- personally I couldn’t keep it in my car for drive home- it smelled too strongly of wine….

    The Imaia/ Terfezia spp found out east (one of many) I haven’t had- but it is supposed to be tasty- kind of like a fruity potato, and they can be decently large sized. I am trying to get samples of all of the tasty ones so we can give them to people to practice with.

    You also have a bunch of Rhizpogon spp out there. most of which will smell gross- but likely the dogs may find them as they give off some of the same volatile compounds. So, Always check your ID before you eat anything. And if it smells bad….obviously don’t eat it.”

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