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Alana McGee

Hi, Denise.
I just graded your quiz. Notification was a problem when I went through as a student. I cant create a way to notify students that their quiz was graded so need to add some languate somewhere telling students where to look.

Basically, this is what happens.
You take the quiz and it must be graded before you can move on. We grade withing 48 hours and provide comments on the quiz. You, the students has to re-visit the quiz to see the grade and comments. Comments can only be viewed by hovering your mouse over the “grade” for each questions.
After the quiz is graded you can move on to the next lesson.

I’ll need to find a workaround until we can hire our website person again. If I were to add some language explaining that, where do you feel it would fit best in the flow so you didn’t feel lost?

If I had posted in your forum that your quiz is graded, wold you have seen it?