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First attempt at box hides was a total train wreck. The very first time I walked her down the line, she stopped at the proper box and looked at me. Yayyy…. After that, she seemed totally confused and disconnected. She started pouncing on the boxes (all of them) and, when I kept walking, she started totally ignoring them and wouldn’t leave my side. Then she checked out. So, I got out the tea ball and let her be successful again. Guess she’s not ready to move on yet. And…..I will need to get more sturdy boxes when I do the box hides again. She is not a dainty girl. I will also start using different items for the hides, so she doesn’t just focus on the look of the item. She thinks the tea ball is a ball, I think, and keeps picking it up. She is going to be a challenge. Oh well, she always has been. 🙂