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Alana McGee

I love Lola?s personality and ?happy? working attitude! In addition to the comments from Alana above, I?d like you to reward Lola at the source of the scent. When the scent is in your hand this is built into the process but as you move the tin around, be sure YOU go to her for the reward. These small details are important even at this early stage. Ultimately she will need you to come to where she found a truffle. If she leave it to get her reward from you, you won?t be able to find the truffle without a re-find (which is an acceptable approach?just more steps). I?d like to see you practice this before moving to the boxes. I like that Lola is willing to move away from you to go find the tin. When she does, click and quickly move toward her. Always reward at the source.

I?ll let Alana comment on how often to change your scent source. I tend to change it with every session but I doubt that is necessary