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Alana McGee

here are two videos from today – both in areas we had never done hides. As Alana suggested, I disturbed dirt in several areas.. Once Lola got acclimated to hides in dirt she had no problem – just me being impatient. The first video she actually uncovered the scent and I didn’t notice until she went back to it. That scent had been in the ground about 20 min. The place she kept digging at was where had done a hide about a half hour earlier – maybe had some scent remaining?

The second was in dirt covered in bark mulch and had been in the ground about 5 minutes. I was surprised how fast she found that one as I had never placed a scent around the pond. She kept alerting on top of the scent so I couldn’t get to it.. I’m happy with her alert though…today was the most consistent yet.

After thinking about it… Should I have praised her for alerting on the old spot in video 1? Not reward but just praise?

10-18-2013 – came home from work and hid the scent 2″ in dirt before our walk. 45min. Later took her to the middle of the yard and asked her to ‘search’. Less than a minute later (prob. 30-45 sec) she had the tin! Yea Lola!