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Alana McGee

First day of lesson 4:

I buried the scent about 2″ – Lola looked everywhere – even sniffed around it, over it and didn’t get it. She never gave up but rather than let her get discouraged I almost uncovered it and she ‘found’ it – very excited. I did it again ( after recharging the scent) at 1″. She alerted about 2′ away, I questioned it, then she re alerted at 1′ away, I questioned again only with ‘show me’ then she locked on, dug up the scent and moved it. Is it OK to let her dig up the scent or, should I stop the digging and get it myself… Or something else?

This is her first time finding scent in actual dirt.

I questioned the first two alerts as I wasn’t convinced by the look on her face, that she really knew where it was.