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Alana McGee

Lola has started picking up the scent and dropping it (only the scent disc, not the tea balls) when she finds it and THEN alerts – not sure why. Right now’ I’m ignoring it and asking her to “show me” for her to lie down before she get rewarded – is that correct or is there a better approach?

We’ve been doing all kinds of weather conditions (rain etc), leaving the balls out various times – including all day in pouring rain, under hostas and yesterday we went to my son’s house and she searched new territory/distractions ( his back yard) i think this week we are ready to put under shallow mulch etc. – I’ll let you decide…

There are 3 hot targets and three cold. One cold target that she can see (in the dirt) she keeps walking by to get my reaction but never alerts on it. One target (the last one under the hosta) had been outside for about 45 min. The other two around 5 minutes. I might add, getting Lola to alert (lay down) in wet grass is a major accomplishment.

BTW – got the book, can’t wait to get started – and yes, that was a pot of cacti Lola put her nose in..