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Alana McGee

First day of Lesson 3
We spent a day working on her alert as suggested (I had actually posted a video of us doing that but after reviewing this one I didn’t think the post was really necessary – I can re-post if you’d like.) This was the alert she chose so I went with it.
Lola’s really having fun with this. This is our first day working outside. I started with the boxes earlier and then for fun threw the balls in the grass just to see what she’d do. Her first ‘alert’ was pretty lame so I left the scent as a ‘redo’. The second she tried it again so I had her come back and do it correctly – from then on she was fine.
Anyway…She caught right on so here’s where we are… I think I’m at the point though where it would be easy for me to move too quickly and I don’t her to get discouraged by my doing that so I’m posting for input. What should I be focusing on now? Continue with this? Maybe move them further apart? The yard is very large so there’s plenty of variations to work with.

Sorry about the circle of dizziness… 🙂 also, it was too hard doing iPad, clicker and treats so this was minus clicker and treats. My multitasking needs a little work…