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Alana McGee

Hi. Ok

First off. 60% +/- is great. These things take time. I have yet to meet a dog who does it flawlessly first time or even the second, or third etc etc. It is a learning process.

It is good if Lola inhales scent on each box- the reward comes only when she inhales the scent on the one containing the odor. The behavior is great though! That is what you want! You want her checking every box/ pot etc. Eventually she will alert on only the correct one- which is sounds like she is doing right now anyway!

What she is doing now, either laying down or pawing the correct pot can be turned into an passive (sit or lie down) or active (scratch) alert. Eventually you will only reward her when she offers this behavior. That is covered in Lesson 3: Shaping an alert.

You are doing everything right