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Alana McGee

I received lesson 2 and watched the first video but it’s what I’ve been doing for awhile so I’ll study them all this weekend. Lola and I did 3 sessions tonight. Right out of the gate Lola found the scent I hid (it was an easy one) alerted then sat down (this was a first) so I did click/treat. I decided I should take advantage of this so I did easy hides and focused more on the sitting after she alerted. The second session (same room) was much the same only more difficult hides.

We then moved upstairs and I did the first one easy, then started hiding under pillows etc. I was amazed at how fast she found them (pillows on the couch). We ended with an easy hide as she was getting tired.

I have to say she is one hard worker and doesn’t give up easily. She’s so fun to work with – it’s more like play.

Just an fyi in case it matters re. this… Tuesday we are starting a 3 week intro to agility class then a week from this Monday we start the scent class. We’ll be busy for a few weeks but I think she’ll be fine as she thinks this is fun stuff. Not sure if it changes how I approach things for awhile…