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Alana McGee

Hi Alana & Kristin,
I’ve never posted onto a thread before so I hope I did it right. I commented on Fancy’s Day 1 & Day 2 exercises/results but I posted it as a quick reply onto another participant Peter’s comment! Do you and Kristin still see it when I do that? Here’s what I sent in yesterday –
Hi Alana & Kristin,
Aug. 7 Day 1 Fancy’s 1st scent of the truffle oil reaction was akin to Dracula recoiling from garlic. After 1 minute she caught on to click n treat. By 10 mins she was sniffing and keeping eye contact on the scent tin. Aug. 8 Day 2 yesterday, I forgot to keep her on the leash and she was practically glued to me and located rapid hiding of the scent tin 100%. I was hiding it under little carpet mats and she would dig the mat back every time. Even once or twice when she would lie down and not go to the tin, she kept her glance on where it was. Every time I moved the tin she would wait until I said the word “truffle” before diving for it. After I reward her with a click n treat and “good dog” I hold the tin to her nose and she tries to give it a lick after sniffing it again. Clearly she is having a lot of fun with this new sport! Quick question: is their an alert when the next lesson comes or will it say 2nd lesson?