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Alana McGee

That makes total sense, Kristin. I took her back to the offleash forest park today. It has lots of groomed open field & landscaped pockets and MANY trails – all of which are framed by thin or thick forest. There were a lot of distractions today, other dogs & children coming along, although I noticed she put herself back on track a couple of times. It seemed to take too much video time for that to happen though. Another distraction I had not counted on was Fancy suddenly taking a fancy to rolling & playing in the wild periwinkle groundcover. All of these happened before finding the 3rd scent tin. I will attempt to edit those sections of long filmed unproductivity! Just before the last ‘find’ I uncovered it myself due to forgetting its location and ‘cheated’ because Fancy was right there so it doesn’t count. I had left the 3 scent tins in a baggy in my car for a week and once I collected them back up I realized there was barely any scent left. I wonder it this had much to do with Fancy’s lack of interest or indifference once she found the 2nd tin. Is Lesson 4 of #101 the last one? I would like to continue with this onto the next round…what lesson(s) would be the next and how many would be in the series? Another thing was that she would sniff in the base of shrubs & different trees actively and even dig, but I realized I wasn’t recognizing if it was any kind of any alert! After today I think I need to go back to square 1, 2 & 3 to renew former practices she had success with. I’ll post today’s sporadic practice after trying some of those video edits you mentioned. May not get a chance until after tomorrow (Canadian Thanksgiving).