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Alana McGee

If you are using a Mac, you can edit video with iMovie. It’s pretty easy to use from your computer, iPhone or iPad. If you are on PC, Windows Movie Maker does a good job.

I think it is too soon for Fancy to be attempting any sort of finds in the woods. We have an entire class devoted to that. Fancy needs a longer reward history with this behavior before asking her to search the forest. At this point, you want to be seeking location where you are certain there AREN’T truffles growing. You need to know where they are so you are certain she isn’t practicing passing over them. When dogs head into the forest too soon they often are over-faced with challenges they aren’t prepared for. We need to properly transition them into those VERY challenging environments. And we only do that AFTER their foundation is solid. I know it is hard, but patience will pay off in the long run