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Alana McGee

Hey Kristin & Alana, Well, I was expecting a much worse tongue-lashing so thanks for letting me off light! I know there’s a way to make chop the videos but I am not sure how to tally them all together in one, which may would be too long. Will keep a single one next time to the limit & need to wait for another sympathetic camera person to appeal to. I wanted to omit several but couldn’t decide which keeper would give me the best pointers. I hope to visit one of the Langley farms to buy a real truffle & maybe beg if Fancy might be able to do a trial snoop out of curiosity. Some friends have offered to take me around the forest hiking where some Douglas-firs reside. Do you think either of these are a good idea at this point of Fancy’s trainging, K & A? The best news is a friend asked if she could drive with me to the Oregon Truffle event in January that I have no commitment from anyone on. Linda & Dorr & Faio are still pondering this. Thanks for your patience! Also, please me on the list for the next set of TH-201 lessons, do I just do it again through the Daisy Peel sight?