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Alana McGee

Hi, Launie! Sorry for my absence. I was out of town for the past week. Looks and sounds like you and Fancy are doing great!!! You two have come a long way and are really looking fantastic! I was THRILLED to see you PARTY with Fancy on one of the finds!!! Keep that up!

I suggest remembering that each and every find is an opportunity to party. Especially right now while you are adding the challenge of all those distractions. Even if you have multiple hides, every find is a party…not just the last one. If you keep the game exciting and highly rewarding, she will eventually have greater desire to play this truffle game than wander off to visit. That party you had with her…have it every single time! If there are multiple hides, the game just continues for another opportunity to party!!! How fun is that???

I also like how Fancy will accept a re-direct from your cameraman as well. This will come in handy when you start going into the woods and others are with you. For example, while Alana and I hunt, Callie will sometimes alert on a truffle location that is closer to Alana. On occasion I can’t get to her quickly and Callie will happily dig around for the truffle with Alana.

Great job!!

Ok, now I have to be the mean online classroom ogre and ask that you consolidate the above videos to a total of 5 minutes or less of footage. You currently have over 20 minutes of video posted. We need to keep footage submissions to a reasonable length so we can review them all. You can find details in the Welcome post HERE

“Homework – Each Participant will be on a different schedule. As your weekly homework, please post one video at the end of each training week. Please limit videos to 5 minutes or less. Post video of where you are in the process, rather than old video from earlier in the week. Show us where you are and share how your team is progressing. All participants should be posting one video per week. Please indicate in your post which lesson you are currently working on.”