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Alana McGee

Dear Alana & Kristin,
There are 6 long suffering videos from Saturday’s truffle hides at the bottom which are a learning curb more for me than Fancy as I was handling the camera work alone plus minding the exercises. Nerve-wracking! So I am inserting Sunday’s 4 videos here first as I had a friend help me record. This great off-leash forest/park is the exact size of the 18 hole golf course it is across the road from. Plus it is only 5 mins drive from our home. Sorry for sending 10 in one day but sometimes I cannot locate where I’ve saved them to hence the multiple torture for you all !!…w&feature=plpp…e_gdata_player
6 earlier Saturday videos (you may get bored watching these but they are more a sequential record for you to review & assess). There are many errors since I had to do the video by myself & got angst from forgetting where I hid scent tins etc. Luckily Fancy was using her nose & not her owner’s memory! I decided to forge ahead with doing several videos because the landscape was challenging to Fancy & I wanted to see if she could surpass distractions like other dogs & people in this huge off leash forest/park. Thank you for tolerating another rash of shaky filming!…e_gdata_player

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