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Alana McGee

Hi Kristin, Was wondering if you had a chance to review the last 3 videos in above thread I sent which Alana reviewed but I wanted your comments as well. I watched Mary Hammonds & Lola’s. Are we allowed to comment in her discussion forum. I want to let her know I’m impressed with her smart and precious Lola. What a cutie! I will be taking the scent tin on our walk to the off leash foresty park tomorrow but I may have to resort to tossing it about instead of hiding it but I will try both. I just worry about shaky video if I have to bounce around hiding it. I’ll try to find someone to help me tomorrow.
Alana, I wonder if you could give me Brooke’s contact – I’ve been told she lives near me so was wondering if she wants to walk in the riverbank forest areas which I’m not sure I want to try alone.