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Alana McGee

Next set of videos:

Great job without the clicker I might add. You are also doing a nice job of staying back far enough and not crowding Fancy as she works.

Also good job with redirecting- If she’s eating grass, she’s distracted, you just have to try and reengage her. At this level there are a lot of distractions in the environment, so it is expected. If she has a day where this is happening a lot, don’t push it. Stop. Try again later or another day. It should stay a game.

Don’t worry the forests you will be in won’t be as dense as that either! And a great re-alert in Part 2

Also- Trust your dogs. That is one of the hardest parts of being a handler for some. Trust in your training, trust in the relationship you have built, and trust in your communication. You’ll be surprised more often than not at the amazing things they can do. I have forgotten where I put targets in forests many times. If you allow your dog the opportunity to succeed, more often than not, they will.