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Alana McGee

That sounds like a great start, Launie. You are doing a good job of keeping it short and it sounds like everyone is having fun. That’s perfect. Try to resist the urge to start adding challenging hides. She will need to learn to discriminate between like objects as we progress. Why don’t you try posting some video at this point? That will get you familiar with the video posting process and will also allow Alana and I to see you and Fancy in action right from the start! Limit the video to less than 5 minutes and please don’t hesitate to ask for help uploading/ posting it.

Can you tell me if you are viewing the Introduction AND Lesson 1 at this point? As admin, we see all of the lessons, but I’m curious if yours showed up earlier than we expected. Please let me know. The lessons will appear under the My Content section. You may receive an email, but I wouldn’t rely on it. Check the site each week.