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Alana McGee

Ahoy mateys from the drenched locale of BC’s rainforest where Fancy & her tailgating owner are braving the wind & downpour to do Lesson 4’s buried hides. Well I kept it simple and only buried one scent tin under an inch of rocks beside the house side pathway. I had to call Fancy a few times as I wasn’t sure if the wind & heavy rain were sidetracking her or not but it seemed not at all. I did not get to bury the 2nd scent tin in the dirt in the small patch by the recycle bins as there was a lot of heavy foliage to hide it under. It was kind of hard handling my Nikon inside a plastic bag & keeping treats ready and for this set I omitted using the clicker. Too much co-ordination for clumsy me! I did remember not to overuse the cue word “truffle” – probably about 3-4 times instead of 30 like the last video! I will do some more perhaps tomorrow from the front Amazon garden jungle which is like a giant challenging maze if one doesn’t get impaled by some of the thorn-bearing shrubs. I was angst ridden in the last shoot there because it is close and open to the front street, but I’ll try with the retractable 25 ft. leash maybe first.

Hi Alana & Kristin,
There are 3 parts to this comedy of errors in today’s shoot. This is what happens when one starts feeling confident about one’s video handling know-how. The downpour finally gave way to a brief clearing so I hid 2 scent tins, got the Nikon, set it to video, got the treats, barricaded the dog then released the hound! Once she got the scent, the battery showed exhaustion (I hate these kind of cryptic messages before it blanks out). Second try, confused the dog barricading & releasing her again when son showed up to do iPad video. Again she is on a roll when a dog walked by and mine was gone in a flash with me running like a troll in tow down the street…all panic being caught on film. Last try worked – thankfully because I realized with all the interruptions that I forgot where I re-hid the scent tins! Fancy did find them and I figured I had to call it a day!