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Alana McGee

Thanks for the powerful feedback, Alana & Kristin: I’m almost afraid to show the above video to you as it is full of MY mistakes. Obviously I am the one suffering angst worrying about my wildly overgrown English front garden gone Jungle so I only hid the scent tin within easy reach. But it is a wonderful challenge to do subsequent hides in as the area directly behind is full of huge shrubbery. I am the hesitant one since I began years ago with a lot of exotic shrubs and I’m not convinced I want to be impaled yet going into the recesses of the rampant botany! I re-watched this one & cringed at my many errors, bad timing while still using clicker & over-use of the T-word! Realized too I actually parted some grass for Fancy & practically pointed out the hide spot thinking she would be off the trail…duh! Bad human! I am grateful for both your
continual training of this Lagotti owner!
Forgot to add, Alana that I do have the pink part of the harness on top but sometimes when I attach the leash from the top, Fancy kind of swivels it around. At her doggie daycare, the owner Heather thought I had it upside down when I had it correct so I watched the WonderWalks video to get it proper. Thanks (do you think it’s too loose? I adjusted it when she was in sitting position like the video demonstrated)