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Alana McGee

Hi K & A,
Couple of days rest & time to give the outdoor hides another go altho we snuck a couple in before lesson 3 just out of curiosity. Definitely need that surrogate camera person to aid this fumble fingers incorrect coat Lagotto governess! I moved the scent cotton into a bigger tin so I could access it & to avoid the tug of war when Fancy decides to get territorial about the tin. Trying to reward & click as soon as possible without dropping camera. Original scent tin rusted up & battle ravaged now B.C. rainforest weather kicking in. Part 2 of 2 video to follow this one.

Hi again K & A for Part 2 of 2 outdoor hide for Sept. 15,
Should have prepared & structured myself better but always a bit discombobulated when I’m trying to manage the video myself. Difficult to coordinate & hop to multitasking the clicking & source rewarding combination on cue. Will try again when the current downpour halts, hopefully it is not a long lasting weather front but it is B.C. aaarrgh!