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Alana McGee

Hi Kristin & Alana,
Here’s Fancy’s 1st outdoor hide at the offleash park 2 blocks from home. We did an earlier 5 minute practice on the open field but I cut it short because she kept eating grass, then would not relinquish the scent tin. This video was done when we tried again 4 hours later and she had more focus and even ignored the other little dog that passed by. I was pleased with that as it showed she’d just rather go find the truffle tin! I have another video to load next which was shot about 5 minutes when I did some repetition work hopefully shaping an alert. She surprised me by pawing more than once to my “show me” command. Maybe she’s a mini drama queen!

Hello again Alana & Kristin,
This is today’s 2nd video taken 5 minutes after the previous one searching under the cedar tree at same neighbourhood park. While she was still eager & delighted with her under the branches find, I took the opportunity to just give her the scent tin to identify while so much was going on at the park. Surprisingly she kept her focus on the tin and didn’t try to hoard it like she did 4 hours earlier whereby I stopped the practice. It was beginning to feel like the futile early piano days with no. 1 son long ago! However I was truly a proud mom when she used her paw to “show me” the tin. Wow…progress! You know SHE knows she’s done good if she high-fives you!