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Alana McGee


I just had to chime in!

You and Fancy are doing in great! You are doing an excellent job of letting her work a search pattern and not calling her off of it. That is a tough impulse to fight, but well done!

When she goes for that Blue solo cup she is getting frustrated/ bored. That’s okay. You did the right thing to take it away and see if you could re-engage her. Do take Kristen’s advice in such a scenario and manufacture a success for Fancy if you see this behavior starting to happen. That could simply be, you dropping a truffle tin on the floor right near her and then clicking and rewarding when she alerts on it- which knowing Fancy, will happen. She is drawn to movement in her environment.

After you give her that success, it’s okay to try again to see if you can re-engage her in the game- but in this scenario she went back to playing with the other cups. What I would suggest is offering her another easy target and win, and then stopping for a while. Play, do other training tricks etc, something else, come then back to truffles later.

Regarding the 2nd Video:

I would like to state Her amazing attitude right out of the gate. She likes this. What a pleasure to watch.

Also on alerts. She’s doing great. She basically has a touch/ scratch alert already in the works which can be reinforced by doing exactly what you did (and what Kristen suggested)- which is hiding it under things and encouraging her to show you by hitting it with her paw and then removing the target/ playing with her etc and timing.

Eventually you will want Fancy to be very precise. If this starts to be too easy for her you can begin to practice precision. After she locates and alerts on the target, and you have clicked/ rewarded for her touching it, not just near it, or above it, but when she actually makes contact, you can ask for her to repeat the behavior. Such as “Show me again” or something similar. Often in the wild dogs will alert and you may not know exactly where they alerted. It is very helpful if the dog can show you again. Precision is a long process (I still work on it with my dogs daily), so don’t fret, but it is never to early to start

We call this a re-alerting. The ability to show you again where the target is. Very very useful in the field. It is not the same as searching and finding. It is the dog repeating a desired alert behavior. But, Fancy basically has an alert already, just keep working on getting in there and rewarding when she does.

You both are doing great, and never fret about doing review. Always good!