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Alana McGee

Hi Kristin,
Good points noted & stored. I almost cancelled the entire exercise because I myself could smell spilled scent looming about since I ran to a couple of sinks washing it off frantically. No wonder she was going in circles…she usually hones in and does one direct search and finds the target quickly. I felt guilty watching her getting mixed signals knowing I was the culprit. In video 2, you’re right – I should have clicked earlier when she was digging through her pile of toys. It was unfair because the scent tin was actually under her former doggie bed which now serves as the crate for the toys. Don’t know what I was thinking watching her pawing away at the correct spot which was a complete layer below! There should be an appended course called Training Dog Owners Who Don’t Get It Thanks for the constant reminders for me to get more involved when an alert happens..I forget that it’s OK for me to get right in there and I definitely have to get past feeling like I should not interfere. Alana notices the same thing. That’s why I repeat Lesson 1 a lot. The issue I foresee a lot of work ahead is ‘shaping’ the alert. That will be a lot of try & try again because she’s so much faster than me!